This professional, heavy-duty portable massager is our most powerful hand held device and ideal for Therapists, Chiropractors willing to do mobile work; Trainers; Athletes on the go.

Control Panel

  • Variable Speed 15-55 CPS Cycles Per Second

Applicators Package valued $735

  • Massage & Physical Therapy

1 Year Warranty
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This Professional Portable Massager is our most powerful hand-held device. The G5® GBM™ incorporates the powerful massage action of our stand-mounted G5® Therapeutic Massagers into a small, compact, hand-held unit.
A massager small enough on the outside to fit in a gym bag, but big enough on the inside to consistently deliver a powerful, deep-penetrating massage action for

  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Massage Therapy
  • Athletic Trainers

The G5® GBM™ Professional Portable Massager can be equally effective when used over towelling or clothing and won’t tangle in hair.

 Massage Therapy Videos


Physical therapy
Massage Therapy
Athletic Trainer


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