GK3® Essential


The G5® GK-3 ESSENTIAL comes with a package of 4 ESSENTIAL APPLICATORS plus the 90 degree attachment to turn the gyrating massage action into a percussive thump.
All essential tools for Chiropractive Care and Physical Therapy.

Control Panel

  • Variable Speed 20-60 CPS Cycles Per Second

Applicators Package valued $595

  • Massage & Physical Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy

3 Years Warranty
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The G5 GK-3® ESSENTIAL incorporates a dial-controlled, variable-speed output, it is mounted on a mobile caster stand and comes with 5 essential applicators.
It is a quiet, powerful Directional Stroking® percussion apparatus designed specifically as an adjunct for massage.
It has high quality design for heavy and frequent use.

 Massage Therapy Videos


Stress Reduction
Myofascial Release
Sports Rehabilitation
Deep Muscle Therapy
Trigger Point Reduction
Treatment of Muscle Spasm
Pain Relief By Mobilising Lactic Acid
Postural Drainage


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