Electromechanical Therapeutic Massagers Provide Powerful Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Therapy

Spa professionals know that men make wonderful clients, as they are consistent, reliable and loyal, often becoming regular patrons for years.
For your male clientele, the perfect spa offering is a therapeutic deep tissue sports massage performed with electromechanical equipment.
This is an ideal treatment for your male clientele who may be athletes, avid outdoorsmen, joggers, active in sports or even just members of a gym.

Working on male clients can bring some potential challenges to the massage therapist, such as the strength needed for work on large or muscular clients, or the fact that many male clients are uncomfortable with a therapist who is also male.
Traditional deep tissue sports massage can be especially challenging to perform, tiring and physically difficult for even seasoned massage therapists.
You can greatly extend your physical abilities, as well as expand your capabilities to see more clients or work longer hours if you invest in a piece of professional massage equipment.

Besides being an effective way to overcome the challenges of performing a deep tissue massage, your male clientele will love the powerful yet soothing therapy they will receive!

Professional electromechanical massage equipment offers a helping hand to your massage protocol.
This equipment effectively takes the manual muscle out of the therapist’s massage routine, reducing the physical strain caused by repetitive motions.
This allows therapists to work deeper than they might physically be able to, work longer hours with less fatigue and see more clients.

Electromechanical equipment may also provide results that are more consistent and effective than a therapist’s hands alone.
Medically originated, professional massage equipment is a mainstay in many physical therapy, chiropractic and medical clinics where they are regularly used for pain and injuries.

Many sports teams also regularly use these systems on professional athletes.

For your male clientele who may be uncomfortable with a male massage therapist or with massage in general, the systems afford a level of comfort to the client with a basic, down-to-earth and precise application and protocol.
The client may even remain clothed, as the gyratory motion of the head eliminates any possibility whatsoever of twisting hair or clothing.

Deep tissue sports massage and trigger point work are particularly appropriate uses for mechanical units as soft tissue injuries can be addressed.
Mobility within the tissue structures of ligaments, tendons and muscles can be maintained by massage, and adherent scar tissue can be reduced.

Many different types of massage techniques can be offered with electromechanical equipment.
The pressure can be light or deep, different applicators can be used for varied effects and different methods can be utilized.
Depending upon individual application, a therapist would use long smooth strokes, circular motions or focused stationary pressure to achieve the desired results.

Massage benefits nearly every system of the body including the circulatory, immune, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive.
Getting regular massage is a healthy addition to any wellness regime and the physiological benefits have long been accepted by the mainstream medical world.

Describing the medical benefits of regular massage is a great way to educate your clients and market your massage services to men, or to the women who want to take care of the men in their lives.
Male clients tend to look for rationalization for receiving salon and spa services and may be more persuaded by the description of documented medical benefits than by advertising stress relief or relaxation.

Men also love technology and the mechanical units will particularly appeal to their appreciation of innovative tools!

The G5® Electromechanical massage systems equipped with the capability of Directional-Stroking® are especially effective as the powerful motion reaches far beneath the body’s surface.

Directional-Stroking® is the action of simultaneously delivering perpendicular and horizontal force, loosening areas of congestion and moving fluids.

This type of massage modality helps with lactic acid removal from sore muscles, while the powerful percussion soothes and relaxes tightness in the body.

Massage therapists may be unfamiliar with professional electromechanical equipment, perhaps having only used hand-held massagers or other tools designed for consumer purchase.
These consumer devices only provide surface based vibration, not the deep reaching therapy provided by professional equipment with real Directional-Stroking®.

Spa professionals will be impressed by the sophistication of the mechanical units and the penetration and results that they are able to achieve, all with a very safe and gentle application that feels wonderful for the client.

Many clients become so used to this type of effective massage therapy they actually come to prefer it over the traditional hands-on approach!

G5® Electromechanical massage machines come with a variety of applicators to assist in a broad range of therapeutic massage techniques, including trigger point therapy.
Trigger point work is a perfect modality for massage equipment to provide, as it can produce a consistent pressure on points with no strain to the therapist.

Trigger points are palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fiber and are a common cause of pain.
Treatment involves applying pressure to the area through compression, a technique that can be very tiring to the therapist using a manual method.
Trigger points are hyperirritable spots that can produce pain locally as well as in a referred pattern. By applying pressure to these points a release of toxins is achieved and blood flow to the area is increased, providing oxygen and healing nutrients to the affected area.

This eases muscle tension; decreases stress on joints, improves muscle function and allows the tissue to heal.
Traditionally, therapists will use their thumbs or elbows to work deeply on these points, which can lead to back strain or thumb burnout.

With our equipment, pressure can be maintained by the machine instead of the therapist’s strength alone.

Massage therapists concerned with their career longevity should consider using electromechanical massage equipment for at least some of their treatment modalities.

While the human touch can never be replaced, having an extra hand to help out in your massage practice can be a life saver.
The use of professional massage equipment can improve your performance with challenging types of massage therapy such as deep tissue or trigger point work, as well as massage on larger or muscular clients.

The use of the G5® Electromechanical massagers can also allow you to see more clients in a day or work longer hours, to increase your business profits and efficiency.

The massage therapy profession is a physically demanding one, with a very high burn-out rate.
Research shows that the average massage therapy career lasts a short seven years while 58% of massage therapists also work in another profession.

Massage therapists often suffer from repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel, back, shoulder, wrist and thumb strain as well as emotional burnout.

Therapists may have had training in self-care techniques such as the use of proper body mechanics, getting regular massage themselves and not overtaxing their bodies.
Yet, the fact is that many therapists don’t follow the same good advice they may give to their own clients.

Using electromechanical systems in your practice for at least some of the massage modalities you offer is a great way to protect yourself from injury or burnout and extend your professional career.

An additional bonus of the Henri Cuinier G5® Electromechanical massage systems is that therapists can use the equipment effectively on themselves to provide much needed regular massage treatments!

Beyond deep tissue and sports massage, there are also many other massage and aesthetic therapies that can also be provided by the professional equipment.

The systems are ideal for

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Detoxification
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Circulatory stimulation
  • Drainage of the lungs
  • Reduction of swelling
  • Scar tissue reduction

Many aesthetic spa treatments can also be provided such as exfoliation, hand & foot treatments and reflexology.

The machines come with a rolling stand for convenience, but can also be placed on a table or conveniently mounted on the wall to save space in small treatment rooms.

Providing a specialized therapy like electromechanical deep tissue massage allows you to stand out from your competition, giving your clients more offerings while also giving you an extra hand in your practice.

Mechanical massage is particularly tailor made to the male client’s needs and will ensure they are provided with the best results and will continue gracing your massage table for years to come.

G5 Massager Review by Jenny Hogan

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