Professional Electromechanical Massage Equipment A Staple For Effective Pain Therapy

St. Louis, MO Join the growing chorus. Say it! “No drugs, no pain.” With an estimated 70 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, the stakes to find effective medical strategies to deal with this exploding epidemic are enormous.
Painkiller medication has failed us.
It solves nothing and, as several recent high profile tragedies demonstrate – pain sufferers sometimes pay the ultimate costs such as addictions, overdose, and even death, for pain management regimes that treat but do not heal.

Accordingly, medical clinics, physical therapy centers and chiropractic offices around the country are taking up the challenge to develop effective pain elimination strategies that shun the use of painkillers. These regimes can actually heal and resolve the cause of pain.

Dr. James Stoxen DC, nicknamed the “Chiropractor to the Stars” is the “go to” healer hired by over 100 tours of top recording artists. His tools are his intimate knowledge of biomechanics, his hands and Henri Cuinier’s G5® electromechanical massage equipment, to help accelerate and intensify treatment.

Dr. Stoxen, founder and President of the Team Doctors Chiropractic Treatment and Training Center of Chicago, IL notes, “We rebuild the body from the bottom up; from the tip of the toes to the top of the head.
We believe that the body must go through a complete overhaul to remove every abnormal movement pattern and remove the bad habits that have become programmed into the patient.”

Stoxen is the “chiropractor to the stars” and uses G5® massage systems to accelerate his customized regimen of treatment, employing the equipment to work on the body’s structural elements located on the outside of the hips and legs.
“These are big muscles to try to work by hand,” he says. “We spend half an hour to an hour using G5® vibration just warming them up.
By working the G5® machine across the belly of the muscle, we are pushing inflammation out and stimulating blood circulation. Blood brings an influx of oxygen and nutrients to the affected area and oxygen stimulates the body’s cells.
There is a pattern of muscles full of inflammation – we are connecting the knots.”

Until recently, the Stoxen Approach had been a largely a ‘secret’ within the international show-business and athletic communities. But the “Doctor to the Stars” has been getting the word out about his no-drug procedures, giving more than 1000 live presentations to medical and scientific bodies around the globe in the last 10 years.

His core message: “The body has the ability to heal itself. The reason why the body does not heal at times is that something is influencing it. The number one cause of interference is the locking of the spring mechanism in the arch of the foot,” he says.

Dr. Stoxen works on correcting this common affliction, in which the foot pronates, turning outward. “Our muscles suspend the foot in a spring-like motion and absorb energy. When the mechanism breaks down, the body compensates and the result can be many different types of pain and fatigue syndromes.”

Dr. Stoxen and his team use electromechanical G5® massage in treatment along with other methods in four phases, working on various areas of the body for realignment.

Stoxen notes that the current methods of regional care, which only address the injured area and do not focus on the body as a whole, will soon be outdated.
“The body is more far reaching than regional care is. Common-sense tells you that it doesn’t match what is necessary to solve the problem.
Rebuilding the body is impossible to pull off with the average doctor visit of eight minutes. As soon as you walk into my office, I watch the way you walk. As soon as somebody walks into another doctor’s office, they’ll be sitting down.”

Professional massage equipment offers a helping hand to your massage protocol, effectively taking the manual ‘muscle’ out of the therapist’s massage routine and reducing the physical strain caused by repetitive motions. This allows therapists to work deeper than they might physically be able to, work longer hours with less fatigue and see more clients.

G5® massage equipment is ideal for deep muscle massage, trigger-point therapy, cellulite reduction, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, circulatory stimulation, scar tissue reduction, exfoliation, reflexology and aesthetic spa treatments.

The pressure can be light or deep, different applicators can be used for varied effects and different methods can be utilized.

Depending upon individual application, a therapist would use long smooth strokes, circular motions or focused stationary pressure to achieve the desired results.

G5® machines come with a rolling stand for convenience, but can also be placed on a table or conveniently mounted on the wall to save space in small treatment rooms.

G5 Massager Review by Dr. Stoxen

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