G5® Therapeutic Massagers

The perfect modality for working on male clients to provide deep muscle massage and trigger-point therapy, G5® Therapeutic Massagers allow the therapist to work deeper and longer, without strain or fatigue.

G5® lines of professional massage equipment are the only systems in the world which provide powerful Directional-Stroking® percussive massage.
This unique therapeutic action simultaneously delivers perpendicular and horizontal forces, to relax muscles and mobilize lactic acid build-up.

Safe, effective and tangible results come from the powerful mechanical motion that penetrates far below the surface.
The G5® line is also ideal for many other therapies including cellulite treatment, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, circulatory stimulation, reflexology and many other spa treatments.

A variety of applicators assist in aesthetic treatments and facilitate a broad range of therapeutic massage techniques. May be used on the rolling stand or mounted on a wall.

G5 Massager Review by Larry Oskin

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