G5® Electro-Mechanical Massage & Percussion Devices

The G5® company itself has been building devices designed for massage for nearly 60 years.

The company’s founder, Henri Cuinier, was a French engineer formerly with Renault.
Cuinier invented, patented and began manufacturing the first G5® Massage Devices in Marmande, France in 1957.

In recent times, G5® has enjoyed the greatest surge in the popularity of their devices among manual therapists who deal in soft tissue rehabilitation techniques.

The powerful unique Directional-Stroking® action of the G5® electro-mechanical massage and percussion devices simultaneously delivers perpendicular and horizontal forces, the core features which differentiate and elevates the G5® machines from other such devices on the market.

The first and arguably most distinctive feature of the G5® devices is the patented, Directional-Stroking® action of the devices’ therapeutic interface.

The therapeutic interface is mounted on a specially designed platform that allows for a unique degree of excursion along a plane that is parallel to the surface of the patient’s body.

This action was originally designed to mimic the action of a massage therapist’s hands as it glides over tissue.

This said, the manner in which this action is coupled with a powerful motor, affords the G5® devices a unique effect level the ability to deliver varying rate cycles of transverse friction to the treatment target at rates not possible by hand.

This not only achieves a very appealing degree of comfort for the patient but also affords the therapist the ability to affect soft tissue in a very useful way.

This latter effect makes the G5® devices amenable and complimentary to a range of manual therapies including

  • Myofascial release
  • Scar manipulation
  • Assisted muscle and tissue lengthening
  • Sensorimotor therapy and massage

IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation) is enhanced in a number of ways through the use of G5® devices.

Firstly, while most IASTM approaches require significant energy expenditure and dexterity on the part of the therapist, G5®’s electro-mechanical devices require little to no effort as the therapeutic friction is generated by the motor and device applicator.

Secondly, being that all G5® devices are driven by motors that can achieve a higher cycling rate than the human hand, these achieve a vastly superior degree of friction at the contact site, which leads to more rapid tissue disruption, enabling the therapist to achieve the therapeutic effect in a drastically shorter amount of time.

Furthermore, the therapist is able to cover a greater surface area in a single session than would be possible with manual methods.

The third benefit is that simply put, machines do not fatigue.

This means that the treatment experience is more consistent for patient and therapist, no matter how high the volume of patients the therapist might be serving in a day.

Finally, many patients report that the high rate of friction delivered by the G5® devices is actually more comfortable and less painful than typical IASTM applications.

G5 Massager Review by Karen Wright

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