The Perfect Choice For Spa Rituals & Body Treatments

G5® Massage Equipment Offers A Variety of Innovative Aesthetic Therapies

Give your clients the ultimate in professional spa and body therapies, while also extending the capability of your salon or spa to effectively increase your profits.
Rediscover the possibilities of your massage and aesthetic offerings with the G5® electromechanical massager.

The best spas and wellness centers throughout the world are now using this progressive equipment for the newest therapies.
G5® Massager is proud to include as G5 service providers the Albereta Relaix & Chateaux of Italy, the SAR Princesse Daad Bint Sultan of Saudi Arabia, the Centre de Thalassotherapie Serge Blanco of France, the Lion Relais & Spa Ltd. of Kenya, the Valmont Properties sarl of Luxembourg and the Swiss Diamond Hotel of Switzerland, to name just a few.

Providing an essential extra hand for your business, professional massage equipment from G5® Massager delivers customized treatments depending upon your clients’ needs. In addition to the numerous therapeutic massage offerings, the electromechanical systems are able to provide many spa and aesthetic treatments.

Body scrubs and exfoliation, wraps with mud or seaweed and sunless tanning treatments are an ease to perform.

The G5® Massage Systems come with special sponge applicators that can be used to apply virtually any type of spa concoction with more consistency than a therapist’s hands alone.

Exfoliation performed with the equipment is thorough, buffing the skin and leaving smooth, glowing results on the entire body.
The professional systems are safe and gentle with effective and tangible results.
For estheticians, the Sponge applicators enable the equipment to be used for cleansing, to apply masks or for exfoliation.
A massage applicator will provide facial toning and a multi-fingered rubber applicator gives a great scalp massage!

Reflexology is another spa therapy that can be provided with tThe G5® Massager. A special applicator head provides a gentle touch to the feet, touching upon acupressure points for a delicious relaxation session. Reflexology works on the premise that certain points in the feet and hands correspond to other areas of the body. The body is divided into ten vertical zones; pressing on specific acupressure points in the feet or hands is said to garner a response in the areas and organs of the corresponding zone.
Some of the benefits are purported to be improved circulation, detoxification and reduced tension.
Many therapists offer reflexology services for clients with back pain, migraines, arthritis and other medical conditions.

Similar to acupuncture but needle-free, Shiatsu is a therapy based on pressing acupressure points in specific places on the body.
Following the traditional Chinese practice of holistic medicine, illness is believed to result from imbalances in the natural flow of energy, or Qi, throughout the body. The rhythmic pressing of shiatsu points realigns the flow of qi for improved wellness.

For therapists not schooled in these specific modalities, the G5® reflexology applicator head of the electronic massage equipment can also be used to just simply give a great foot massage!
Nail technicians could also use this treatment as a wonderful addition to their pedicure services.

The G5® mechanical massagers are ideal for

  • Deep muscle massage
  • Trigger-point therapy
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Detoxification
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Circulatory stimulation
  • Scar tissue reduction
  • Exfoliation
  • Reflexology
  • Aesthetic spa treatments

Using electromechanical massage equipment takes the manual ‘muscle out of your massage,’ providing a powerful treatment while allowing the therapist to work deeper and longer, without strain or fatigue.

Therapists can provide clients with more consistent and effective treatments than with their hands alone and prevent many stress-related injuries.

The equipment may be used on the rolling stand or mounted on a wall. A variety of patented applicators assist in aesthetic treatments and facilitate a broad range of therapeutic massage techniques

A line of lotions to assist in cellulite and body treatments as well as other therapies are also available.

G5 Massager Review by Larry Oskin.

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